Cloud computing is increasing in popularity and is fast becoming a critical component of enterprise IT.

Research by Gartner confirms this as it found that by 2020, anything other than a cloud-only strategy for new IT initiatives will require justification at more than 30% of large-enterprise organizations and by 2021, more than half of enterprises already using cloud will go for all-in cloud solutions.

Securetech offer your organization a full cloud solutions.

SecureTech Cloud Solutions

It is critically important that the level of security provided in the cloud environment will be of a high standards and compliant with the emphasis on the main business processes.

SecureTech will ensure full security compliance by providing the following guidelines and managed services:

  • Applying, risk management, and cloud governance compliance.
  • Audit operational and business processes.
  • Manage users, roles, identities, authorizations and permissions.
  • Enforce the protection of data and sensitive information.
  • Enforce privacy policies.
  • Assess the security provisions for cloud applications.
  • Ensure cloud networks and IT connections are secure.
  • Evaluate security controls on physical and logical infrastructures.
  • Manage security terms in the cloud service agreement.
  • Applying secure application and business transactions.