SecureTech’s goal is to help our customers manage their risk in complex enterprise environments.

We help by guiding your security strategy so as to ensure full coverage across all network applications, operations, and all of the ongoing processes of the enterprise.

SecureTech’s cyber risk assessment includes mapping the company’s assets and categorizing them according to the value level of the protection. The mapping includes information systems, network infrastructure, work processes, databases and more.

The objective of risk assessment is to gain an in-depth understanding of an organization’s processes, classifying its information assets, uncovering the weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and implementing the best protection of the organization’s resources based on our expert’s findings.

SecureTech’s main Risk Assessment categories

  • External and Internal Penetration tests
  • Network and infrastructure Mapping
  • Information systems mapping
  • Mapping the organization’s process
  • Database and applications reviews
  • Social engineering programs
  • System scanning and forensics
  • Vendor and supplier surveys
  • Implementing security controls
  • Physical security assessments