Securetech specializes in Physical Security Information Management for Bussiness & organizations.

Our Physical Security Information Management provides integrated security information management solutions, allowing organizations to improve information security intelligence, enhance operations, enable remote security management tools and enhance overall physical visibility.

Securetech PSIM specialists can help your organization deploy the best PSIM systems, with customized solutions.

Securetech will consult, implement and lead end-to-end projects in the area of physical information security on a variety of topics:


  • CCTV, Video analytics
  • Intrusion, Access control
  • Face recognition
  • Perimeter, LPR
  •  Radars and Drones
  • IP Communications
  • PA and Radio
  • Location based devices
  • Cyber and Network systems and agents
  • Social Analysis and Open Source Intelligence
  • Organizational systems and ERP
  • IOT
  • BMS
  • Fire alarm
  • Intercoms
  • Controllers